Meeting Minutes: Nov. 6, 2013

– If you have a trip going out that has even a remote chance of winning Trip of the Week, you should post it on Knightlife! Otherwise you won’t have your gas money reimbursed, and no one wants that.
– Keep a lookout on Knightlife for trips that weren’t announced at the meeting. They could pop up at any time!
– There’ll be an open house activities fair this Saturday from noon to 1:30 in the IRC for prospective students. CUOC has a booth, and we’re looking for volunteers to help man it. If you want to lend a hand (and you should want to because there’s good free food), email Hannah (
– Gear hours will be at the normal time this week, 3-4 PM on Friday. 
– Those of you looking to go on Spring Break trips should always keep on the lookout for opportunities to increase your kayaking or climbing abilities.
– If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the CUOC bulletin board in the student center, or if you have any pictures to share with the Clarkson community, contact Hannah (
– Ideas about how to make the club better? Have an awesome trip you want to set up? Let someone in the club know and we’ll see what we can do!
Kolby Ziemendorf’s trips to Cascade, Porter, Whiteface, and Esther!
– Kolby ( will be taking a long hike in the High Peaks this weekend. It’ll probably be either Basin and Saddleback Mountains or Allen Mountain – either way, with the weather and the distance, only experienced hikers should join him. If that’s you, feel free to contact him.
– Will ( is probably going to go climbing at some point this weekend. Actually, I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet. If not, well, sorry Will. But if so, and if you’re interested, send him an email.
– Hannah ( and Doug ( may be doing some bouldering over at State this weekend. Talk to one of them if you want to join in.
– Brett ( might be doing more ridiculous things on campus again this weekend. Talk to him if you want to join in and aren’t afraid of being caught by campo.
That’s it, thanks for reading! Go out and do stuff this weekend!
Don’t Get Dead!

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