Meeting Minutes: Nov. 20, 2013

– Make sure that you post your upcoming trips on Knightlife if you want a shot at receiving Trip of the Week and getting your gas reimbursed. As of now everyone who is a member of CUOC on Knightlife should be able to post trips.
 There will be NO gear hours this Friday. If you want to sign out gear, you’ll need to contact Peanut ( sometime soon.
– Charlie ( has climbing gear that you can borrow over next week’s break, but you’ll need to contact him by 4 PM tomorrow (Thursday) to get it.
– Speaking of climbing, go out and do it! Spring break is four months away, but the Spring break trip to Red River Gorge requires you to have lots of climbing experience. Five or six people are interested in going right now – if you’re one of them, or want to go with them too, get climbing!
– Update on NOLS: We’re still in the process of trying to obtain funding for NOLS, and we’re trying to do it quickly due to interest among the current freshmen. The idea is to send around 10 students for 30 or more days to get guide training that will be invaluable for leading trips (including freshmen trips) and staffing the coming Cheel rock wall. We’ll have more information for you guys as we get it.
– Elections will be held next semester, probably around the end of January, and we have quite a few spots up for grabs due to the large amount of seniors with officer positions right now. That means if you want to hold a leadership position with our club, you are highly encouraged to become a candidate! Nominations will start after we get back from break. Start thinking about what you’d like to do for CUOC and who would fill each position well.
– Ideas about how to make the club better? Have an awesome trip you want to set up? Let someone in the club know and we’ll see what we can do!
Not awarded this week due to lack of adventuring. Gotta fix that.
– Andrew Toman ( will be leading a hike up Whiteface, Esther, and potentially one more this weekend. Should be a nice trip! Contact him if you’d like to go.
– Catherine and Kolby ( will be hiking up Mount Marshall this Saturday to get even closer to becoming 46ers! If you’d like to be part of the trek, send an email their way.
– Will ( will be climbing this weekend, and may be willing to show some novice climbers the ropes. This could be very useful for the Spring break trip! Contact him if you’re interested.
– Looking further ahead, sometime during Thanksgiving break I’ll be hiking a mountain in Vermont. If anyone from the Burlington area wants to join me, I’d be up to do Camel’s Hump, but if not then I’ll likely do Killington Peak. Let me know if you want in!
That’s it, thanks for reading! Have a good break, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Don’t Get Dead!



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