Freshman Trips

CUOC Freshman Pre-Orientation Trips are a great way to experience what the Adirondack Park, which is at our back door here at Clarkson, can offer. Upperclassmen, who are members of CUOC and are trained as Wilderness First Responders (WFR), plan and lead the freshman on an excellent multi-day adventure through the park. Past trips have included: canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Trip Options:

Difficult Hiking: Participant must have experience, be in good shape, and be able to carry heavy packs (35-50 lbs) for 4-7 miles and day packs (10 lbs) for 7-12 miles per day. Rough terrain; 5-10 peaks.
Moderate Hiking: Participant should have some experience, be in good shape, and be able to carry heavy packs for 3-5 miles and day packs for 5-10 miles per day. Rough terrain; 3-6 peaks.
Easy Hiking: Participant doesn’t need experience or to be in good shape, but must be able to carry heavy packs for 2-4 miles and day packs for 3-7 miles per day. Moderate terrain; 1-4 peaks.
Difficult Canoeing: Participant must have experience, be in good shape and be able to canoe 10-15 miles per day, carry canoes 2-4 miles and carry heavy packs 2-4 miles.
Moderate Canoeing: Participant should have some experience, be in good shape and be able to canoe 6-12 miles per day, carry canoes .5-3 miles and carry heavy packs .5-3 miles.
Easy Canoeing: Participant doesn’t need experience or to be in good shape, but must be able to canoe 2-7 miles per day, carry canoes up to half a mile and carry heavy packs for half a mile.
Moderate Climbing: Climbing trips are open to all students. However, those who have rock climbing experience will be given priority.
Moderate Biking: Participant should have some experience on mountain biking trails and be in good shape.

For more information, please see the Clarkson Webpage.

Take a look at our gallery of images that participants  have captured on their past adventures!



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