Meeting Minutes: Jan. 22, 2014

– Please return snowshoes, microspikes, and other outdoor gear as soon as you’re done with it.  You can return it during gear hours on Friday from 3 to 4 PM, or you can talk to Peanut (
– Winterfest will be held on Saturday, February 22nd at Seven Springs, the old Clarkson ski hill. You should go for the following reasons: – competitions with prizes – free food – snow! – ski jumps & the big air competition – music –fun! 
More information will be given out as we get closer to the day, but know that there are no conflicts with big ski club events.
– Anyone who wants to lead a freshmen pre-orientation trip – especially canoeing trips – needs to submit their trip description by our next meeting! Brett ( will take your information.
– This Tuesday from 10 AM to 2 PM, the Clarkson Wellness Fair will take place in the student center. CUOC has a booth and if you help run things you’ll be rewarded with free food, courtesy of Aramark’s good side. So stop by and offer a bit of your time!
– Don Miller – an Adirondack guide, climber, and all-around awesome person – will be speaking at the Adirondack Lodge on Thursday, February 6 about his work and the Adirondacks. Everyone is encouraged to listen to what he and other American Alpine Club members have to say, and to enjoy some snacks during the talk.
– Spring Break trips: Will ( will be climbing around Red River Gorge KY or New River Gorge WV, and Doug ( will be kayaking in North Carolina. Both are actively looking for people to join their trips now, and will likely be giving priority to those with more experience.
– Ideas about how to make the club better? Have an awesome trip you want to set up? Let someone in the club know and we’ll see what we can do!
– President: Erin Hughes, Kolby Ziemendorf & Catherine Marie, Colin O’Brien
– Vice President: Eric Mallory, Dave Desmond, Erin Hughes
– Secretary: Eric Mallory, Sam Jortberg, Dave Desmond
– Treasurer: Adam Graham, William Callanan, Dominic Moccio
– Propaganda Chair: Kolby and Catherine, Sam Jortberg, Brenna Mosher
– Gear Chair: Dave Desmond, Patrick Conlon, Paul Doerner, Kyle Stone, William Callanan
– Climbing Chair: Miles Miller, Emily Kott, Tom “Tumi” Twomey, Evan Bilsback
– Whitewater Chair: Eric Mallory, Evan Bilsback, Liam Harrison, Erin Hughes
– Canoe Chair: Erin Hughes, Kyle Stone, Will Callanan
– Caving Chair: Mitch Weimer, Will Callanan, Jared Carson
– Ski Chair: Colin O’Brien, Kyle Stone, Evan Tougas, Katie Dunn
– Fishing Chair: Jim Elmer
Elections will happen next week and we will continue to take nominations for every position until that time.
Andrew Toman’s trip to Redfield and Cliff! 
– Catherine and Kolby ( weren’t able to make it out to Mt. Marshall last weekend, so they’ll be trying again this weekend! If you want to join them for their 41st high peak, just send an email their way.
– Dan Allen ( will be hiking a few mountains in the Great Range on Saturday, and he has room for two people to join in. He’ll be starting off very early and it’ll be a intense day-long hike, so only experienced hikers are encouraged to contact him.
– Brett ( will also be hiking in the Great Range area on Saturday, most likely on Gothics. He might also be messing around with avalanche gear, and he has room for one or two more people. Talk to him if you want in.
– Mitch Frechette will be hiking Sawteeth on Saturday, but there is no room left on his trip.
– Sam Jortberg ( will be skiing Saturday, camping Saturday night, and snowshoeing Sunday all in the Lake Placid area. If you’d like to join him, send him an email.
– Cocca ( will be leading an Intro to Ice Climbing trip to Azure on Saturday. Looks like interest was very high at the meeting, so if you’re interested I’d talk to him quickly.
– Will will be doing some ice climbing this weekend, but it’s a closed trip.
– Next weekend, Will (, Cocca (, and Evan ( will be taking another Intro to Ice Climbing trip to Keene Valley (probably Chapel Pond). No more than 10 people are invited, and it looks like the trip filled up during this meeting; still, if you want to express interest, you can talk to one of them.
That’s it, thanks for reading! Keep warm out there!
Don’t Get Dead!



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