MEETING MINUTES: Feb. 19, 2014

Hello everyone!

Here are the meeting minutes for February 19th:


WINTERFEST!!!  Winterfest is THIS SATURDAY from 11-3 at Seven Spring which is the old Clarkson Ski Hill.  There will be fun games and competitions, free food, music, a bonfire, over $1000 dollars in prizes and give-aways, awesome T-shirts and much more.  We will also being taking a Club photo so you should come.  It’s going to be an awesome day. WINTERFEST!!!


    • Head south from downtown on 56 (don’t take the back Hannawa Road!)
    • Turn left onto route 72
    • At Parishville Center, turn right onto Ashton Road
    • Keep left at the fork
    • At the stop sign, take a right onto the highway, not the dirt turnpike
    • Go one mile and take a left onto Rodwell Mill Road
    • At the end, take a right, then a quick left onto Crowley Road
    • Go another mile to 7 Springs.

(check out the website for more info)

On Saturday Night SLU is hosting a mixer with their outing club.  It’s going to be a great time so if you want to go meet in the townhouse parking lot at 8:45.  Drivers are needed! Also wear an Olympic themed costume.  

-Please return snowshoes, microspikes, etc as soon as you are done with them, they are in high demand! Gear hours are on Friday from 3 to 4, or you can talk to Patrick ( or Paul (

-In the wise words of Will, “Avalanches are like really bad.” If you do any backcountry skiing or even hiking in avalanche prone areas you should be trained in avalanche safety and have proper equipment. (See the end of this email for advice about not dying)

-I’m working on a contact info database for the active members of the club.  I have posted a link to the Google Doc in the ‘files’ tab of the CUOC Facebook page and I have also added the link to the signature of all my emails if you’re not on Facebook.  If you want to be on this contact list come to the meetings and add yourself!


Brett’s Ice Climbing Trip to PitchoffTRIPS GOING OUT:
-Everyone will be driving to Seven Spring on Saturday for Winterfest.

-Jen Clark is leading a trip to Cascade and Porter on Sunday.  This trip is full but I’m sure they’ll have a great time

-James ( is going to a fishing tournament next weekend.  He has 1 seat left.  Contact him for more info.

Colin ( will be going to Azure on Monday to ski.

-Sam ( will be hiking in the Daks on Sunday.  He might have a spot left so I’d contact him soon if you want in.

That’s it, thanks for reading!  GO TO WINTERFEST
Don‘t Get Dead!

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