Meeting Minutes Feb. 26, 2014

Hello everyone!

Here are the meeting minutes for February 26th:


-PLEASE bring back sleeping bags, snowshoes, microspikes, and any other gear you have taken out.  They are in high demand! Gear hours are on Friday from 3 to 4, or you can talk to Patrick ( or Paul (

-In order to win Trip of the Week and have your trip sponsored by CUSA and CUOC you must put it on Knightlife and fill out a travel authorization form (found on Knightlife).  CUOC does have a travel line item in our budget.- Want to be an Active Member and get discounts at Wear on Earth?  Just put in 2 hours of service to the club and go on 4 trips.  If you have done this talk to Adam (

– Speaking of service! Sam ( is looking for your best pictures to add to the CUOC boards and the website.

-There is a possibility of having a CUOC Relay for Life Team. If you are interested let me ( or Catherine (zarnofcm@Clarkson) know.  There will be more info at the next meeting

– If you are interested in Whitewater Kayaking, Doug ( will be having roll sessions in the pool on Wednesday(3/5) from 5:30 to 7.  Bring your bathing suit!

– If you want a new Waterproof Jacket you’re in luck.  We will be ordering jackets with a CUOC logo on them in the near future.  The more we buy the cheaper they’ll be so tell your friends!

– Missed Winterfest but still want an awesome t-shirt or some sweet socks? Buy them at the next meeting.

– We are in the process of applying for CUOC themed housing for next year.  Active members will get priority but all are welcome.  For now we need to know how much interest there is, please take this quick survey

There wasn’t one! I’ll let it slide this week because of Winterfest but everyone needs to get out there and do stuff!


-Sam Jortberg ( will be leading an intro to ice fishing trip leaving on Saturday morning, and returning on Sunday night (staying in a house).  He has 2 spots open for this awesome trip to Lake Bonnaparte.

-Cocca ( is looking for a partner to do some multi-pitch ice climbing with him.

-Will is doing some ice climbing with friends from SLU.  This trip is full.

-Ryan Yakush is going to hike Cascade.  This trip is full

-Kyle Ventura ( and I ( are hiking Cascade on Sunday and we have 1 or 2 spots left.  It’s going to be lifechanging

That’s it
, thanks for reading! 
Don’t Get Dead!

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