Meeting Minutes Mar. 5, 2014


Hello all

Here are the meeting minutes for March 5th

– Please, please, please return gear that you have checked out as soon as you are done with it. Climbing gear must be returned now for the spring break trip.  You can return gear during gear hours, Friday from 3-4. Or talk to Patrick ( or Paul (

– CUOC is creating a Relay for Life team.  I will be sending out another email soon that will allow those interested to sign up.

-The CUOC Rain jackets are coming along nicely and will be sold soon

– There will be a Bouldering Competition at St. Lawrence on April 11th. So start practicing and get pumped

– In order to be eligible to win Trip of the Week and get reimbursed for gas you must put your trip on Knightlife and fill out a travel authorization form.  I know its a bummer just do it

– If you win Trip of the Week send your best pictures to Sam ( and consider writing a short description for the website

– If you are leading a Pre-Orientation Trip make sure you respond to Erin’s emails and make sure to attend the pre-o trip meeting after break (date and time TBD)

– Want to get into Whitewater Kayaking? Come to roll sessions next Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 in the pool to learn how to roll a kayak.


James’ ice fishing/truck rescuing escapade!

Sam ( will be skiing at either Azure or Whiteface tomorrow. Need a day off from classes? Go tear it up with Sam.

Dave ( will be skiing somewhere next week.

Adam will be hiking Allen on Saturday with his family.

James ( will be ice fishing on Saturday in the morning through the afternoon.

Brett ( will be doing “something, probably hiking” this weekend.

Will ( will be ice climbing with some of the climbing chairs on Saturday.  This trip is closed

Troy ( will be hiking Wright and maybe skiing on Saturday

Cocca ( will be ice climbing on Friday.  Let him know if you are interested!

Well thats all for this week. Thanks for reading!
Don’t Get Dead!


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