Meeting Minutes March 12, 2014


Hello all

Here are the meeting minutes for March 12th

– There will be no gear hours this week.

– CUOC has created a Relay For Life team.  This is something that will look great for the club and also help out a great cause.  Sign up for our team here:

– There is a 
Rube Goldberg Competition to win money for clubs.  We were thinking of building one out of outdoor gear to get some extra cash for CUOC.  Talk to James ( if you want to help out.

– For those that expressed interest the C.A.B.I.N. floor is in the works.  More info to follow for those thatapplied.

– There will be 2 Bouldering Competitions in the coming weeks.  One is at SLU on April 11th and the other is at SUNY Potsdam on April 24th. Go to win or go to hang out (literally) we are also getting awesome tank tops so there’s that . . .

– If you want to try Whitewater Kayaking, there will be Roll Sessions in the pool every Wednesday from 5:30-7 PM for those who want to learn kayak rescue techniques.  If enough people go we can play cool games like kayak polo.

– Our Propaganda Chair Sam ( is looking for Your Best Pictures for the display boards.  Everyone should send him a few so we can show off how awesome the club is.

– Hannah is doing research on the trails in the back 40. Take a minute to fill out her survey on Facebook to help her out

– The CUOC Jackets will be in soon so that you can try them on and see them before ordering.  They are going to be awesome.


Alex and Troy Whit
e’s hike up Wright! Looked amazing.


Dave ( will try to get first tracks for this storm at Azure tomorrow and will be skiing in the dacks during break.

Andrew Toman will be hiking portions of the Appalachian Trail in PA during break.

Will Callanan will be hiking on the Finger Lakes Trial during break.

Alex Biscuoping will also be hiking somewhere over break.

Patrick Conlon ( has jury duty.

I (Dave Desmond, will be hiking in the White Mountains of NH later in the week of break.  If you live in the area and want to come let me know.

Catherine ( will be hiking in the Albany area if you want to join her send her an email!

Well that’s it.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your break!

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