Meeting Minutes March 26, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Here are the meeting minutes for March 26th.


-PLEASE bring back sleeping bags, snowshoes, microspikes, and any other gear you have taken out.  They are in high demand! Gear hours are on Friday from 3 to 4, or you can talk to Patrick ( or Paul (

– The very awesome CUOC Jackets (pictured below) will be on sale at the next 2 meetings.  Bring $100 in cash or check (made out to Victory Promotions) to order one.  Talk to Kolby or Catherine for more info (ziemenkt and zarnofcm

– Make sure you sign up for our Relay for Life Team: . If you forget to sign up you should still come on Friday night to participate in whatever goofy way we decide to get ourselves around the track.  The event goes from 7PM to 7AM.
– There is a Rube Goldberg Competition to win money for clubs.  We were thinking of building one out of outdoor gear to get some extra cash for CUOC.  If anyone is interested in taking the lead on this let me or Kolby and Catherine know.
– We will be adding a new chair position called the Training Chair.  This person will be in charge of finding training programs for the other chairs and making sure that people taking out gear have the qualifications to use it.  If anyone is interested in this important position talk to Kolby and Catherine.
– There will be 2 Bouldering Tournaments in April.  There first is at SLU on the 11th and the second is at SUNY Potsdam on the 24th.  Come to compete or just to watch, though all ability levels are welcome.  We will be getting awesome team t-shirts for those that climb.
– Speaking of bouldering, anyone interested in a Bouldering Team should talk to Paul (
– Winterfest Shirts and Socks are still on sale! Stop by gear hours in the cage to get yours.
– If you want to try Whitewater Kayaking, there will be Roll Sessions in the pool every Wednesday from 5:30-7 PM for those who want to learn kayak rescue techniques.  If enough people go we can play cool games like kayak polo.
– Our budget has been approved yay! Also we are officially the largest club on campus with 212 members on our good old friend Knightlife.  Keep on CUOCing everyone
– Brett ( will be “going on an adventure” this Saturday.  He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet and is open to suggestions of any intensity level.  If you join him it will certainly be a unique experience. . .
– Paul ( will be heading to Whiteface to ski the slides at long last.

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