Meeting Minutes April 2, 2014


Hello Everyone

Here are the meeting minutes for April 2nd:


-PLEASE bring back sleeping bags, snowshoes, microspikes, and any other gear you have taken out.  They are in high demand! Gear hours are on Friday from 3 to 4, or you can talk to Patrick ( or Paul (

– The very awesome CUOC Jackets (pictured below) will be on sale at the next meeting.  Bring $100 in cash or check (made out to Victory Promotions) to order one.  If enough people get them the price could go down!  Talk to Kolby or Catherine for more info (ziemenkt and zarnofcm

– This Saturday is Accepted Students Day.  We need to impress the prospective students at the activities fair.  Anyone who comes to help out can earn Active Membership and get discounts at Wear on Earth.  Come at 10:45 to help set up or stop by any time before 1 to answer questions of prospective students.  Freshman trip leaders should make a real effort to be there and advertise for their trip.

– Speaking of Freshman Trips, trip leaders remember to come to the special meeting on Monday!

– There are two Bouldering Tournaments coming up.  There first is at SLU on the 11th and the second is at SUNY Potsdam on the 24th.  Come to compete or just to watch, though all ability levels are welcome.  We will be getting awesome team t-shirts for those that climb.

We will need a few volunteers to run trips during Senior Week.  The senior class will pay all expenses and all you’ll need to do is lead some people up Azure or something.  If you are interested let me or Kolby and Catherine know.

– Our Propoganda Chair Sam ( has been doing a great job with the CUOC display boards around campus.  Make his job easier by sending him a few of your best pictures and stories.

– Plans for an end of the year campout are in the works.  More info to come but this will either be the weekend of April 12th or April 19th.


– Adam, Sam, and I (desmo will be hiking up Wright and skiing down at some point on Saturday.  It should be a pretty casual excursion so let us know if you want in.  We have a seat or two left. 

– Will Callanan and Kyle Stone ( and will be hiking the route of the pre orientation trip that they are leading around Cranberry Pond.  They will be out on Friday and Saturday and have a few spots open for anyone looking for a nice hike.

– Ryan Yakush will be hiking Algonquin on either Saturday or Sunday, but this trip is full.

Well Thats All For This Week!  Thanks For Reading!

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