Meeting Minutes October 1, 2014


Hello everyone!

Here are the meeting minutes for October 1st:


– It’s never to late to join the coolest club on campus.  Adam ( will be collecting dues and waivers at the end of the meetings.  Dues are $15 for the year.

 Please return all gear that you have taken out.  Sleeping bags and other overnight gear are in high demand.  Gear hours are Monday from 2 to 4 and Friday from 1PM to 2:30PM.  Contact Patrick ( or Paul (

-Patrick ( is looking for people to come and help clean the gear cage during gear hours on Friday.  This will count as service hours towardsActive Membership.-Speaking of Active Membership we are considering a new perk for active membersthat will involve CUOC paying for a portion of any training or certification that membersseek out and participate in.-We recently acquired new climbing gear to replace some of the older stuff.  We have also ordered a hangboard for climbers to train on in the IRC.- Speaking of climbing make sure you get out there to gain experience if you want to go on the Spring Break Trip to Red River Gorge.- If you haven’t already done so please join CUOC on Knightlife.  There you will be able to log service hours, find out about outgoing trips, and become an active member.  If you have trouble with Knightlife please contact me at my personal email ( and I’ll help you out if there is full moon on a Monday that month.

– We need people to lead a hike up Azure Mountain during Family weekend which is Saturday (10/25).  The hike will run from 9AM-2PM.  Contact Erin ( to be part of this awesome CUOC tradition.

– Fall Saranac Lake, a new event sponsored by CUOC will be held October 10-12 on Saranac Lake.  There will be canoeing, whitewater kayaking, general hanging out, and lots of fun.  To express interest and find out more contact John (

-We finally have the Paddleboards that we have been waiting for!  Erin ( will be holding a paddleboarding info session at some point.  More info to come.
-David Josephs an amazing young man from right here in Potsdam has generously donated two canoes to CUOC.  If you see him in passing be sure to give him a breif nod of approval.- We have used some of the older retired climbing rope to improve the rope swing out on the river.  Make sure to go check it out before it’s too cold!-Never hesitate to ask any of the officers or experienced members about outdoors stuff we want as many people going outside and doing things as we can get!TRIP OF THE WEEK

Tom, Jake, Connor, and Mitch’s trip to Rumney NH where they climbed rocks and “camped”


John ( will be doing some Whitewater paddling on Sunday.  Email him if you are interested.Paul is bouldering at MacKenzie Pond on Saturday but don’t email him because he closed this trip

I, David P. Desmond ( will be hiking the Santanoni Range on Saturday.  It is a very rigorous hike but we do have a few spots left especially if we get another driver.  Email me if you want to get muddy and tag a couple of high peaks

Tom ( and his friend named Jake are looking to climb in Keene Valley on Saturday but they need a ride.  Send them an email if you are headed that way.

Kyle ( will be hiking Cascade and Porter this Saturday which is an excellent beginner hike.  Email him if you want to go.

Thats all for this week!  Go out and enjoy the foliage!



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