Meeting Minutes October 22, 2014


Friends, Romans, Cuocers,

Here are the meeting minutes for October 22th:


– We came in 2nd place for Tony Tuesday!  If you see President Collins around make sure you thank him on behalf of CUOC.  We are going to use the money to invest in a ong term supply of Club Apparel that we can sell and make even more money as well as just look awesome.  If you have any last minute design ideas make sure to send them to me at

 Please return all gear that you have taken out.  Gear hours are Monday from 2 to 4 and Friday from 1PM to 2:30PM.  Contact Patrick ( or Paul ( Patrick will also be looking for help during gear hours to organize and inventory the club gear.  Go help him to get service hours!

-Speaking of Service Hours for Active Membership John ( is looking for help down at the boathouse from 3 until 5 tomorrow (10/23)-This weekend is family weekend and CUOC will be leading a Family Hike up Mt. Azure. If you are interested in helping out or just want to bring your family out for an easy hike then meet at Cheel at 9AM on Saturday.  We should be back to Clarkson around 2PM-Adam finally got his act together and paid the people at SUNY Potsdam so we can top rope there now when they are open so go check out their wall.-We are in the planning process of hosting a CUOC Formal which will hopefully be held on November 15th.  So save the date and save a date.  More info to come

-Next Thursday(10/30) SLU will be hosting their Monster Plastic Pull which is a bouldering competition the night before Halloween.  Climbers of all abilities are welcome to put on a costume and head over to SLU’s wall for a really fun night.  Last year we were the majority at their spring comp so let’s see how many Cuocers we can get their.

-Miles( will be holding a Rope Skills Workshop on Friday at 4PM in the ADK Lodge.  All aspiring climbers are welcome

-If you want to Rent out a Canoe you can now contact the canoe chairs at their new email address ( Please use this new address and not their personal emails or the cuoc@clarkson.eduemail.
-Officer elections will be held on November 12th at the weekly meeting so please plan on coming to that meeting to vote.  We also began the nomination process for each position, but don’t worry we have two more weeks of nominations before the election.  As of tonight the following individuals (and one pair of twins) have been nominatedPresident: David Desmond, Erin Hughes, The Grinch

Vice President:
 Patrick Conlon, David Desmond, Erin Hughes, Evan Bilsback, Adam Graham, Jim ElmerTreasurer: Adam Graham, David Desmond, Evan Bilsback

Secretary: Adam Haskin, Katherine Furland, Miles Miller, Brian Chrzan

Public Relations: Dan the Man, Brian Guntharp, Erica Baldwin

Hiking: Paul Doerner, Patrick Conlon, Andrew Toman, Adam Haskin, Brian Chrzan, Kyle O’Grady, Kyle Tobin, Patrick Lacomb

Climbing: Mitch Frechette, Paul Doerner, Jake Brown, Miles Miller, Connor Raymond

Whitewater Kayaking: John Sullivan, Evan Bilsback, Andrew Toman, Erica Baldwin

Canoeing: Dylan Gilgallon, Kyle Stone, Andrew Toman, Mark Zibinski, Katherine Furland

Caving: Connor Raymond, Dan the Man, Miles Miller, David Desmond, Erica Baldwin

Backcountry Skiing: Ryan Buckley, Evan Tougas, Sonja Gagen, Katherine Furland, Alex and Troy White, Kyle Stone, Lexi my meniscus hurts Pratt

Fishing: Jim Elmer, Ethan Hoefler, Harry Unger

Mountain Biking: Matt Dyer, Dylan Gilgallon, John Brunner, Ryan Hanley, Sonja Gagen


Santanoni Take 3 by the self proclaimed “Hottest Guys at Clarkson”



Hiking    Colvin and Blake: A moderate but long hike to 2 high peaks in the Ausable Valley.  Adam and Dave the most dynamic duo in Adirondack history will be tagging these peaks so email ( for a laugh and a great hike.During the week

Fishing    Intro to Fly Fishing:  Learn how to cast with our new fly fishing rods with Jim at some point during the coming weeks email him ( for more info

That about does it for this week.  Enjoy homecoming weekend and:




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