Meeting Minutes November 5th, 2014


Hello All,

Here are the meeting minutes for November 5th:


 Please return all gear that you have taken out.  Gear hours are Monday from 2 to 4 andFriday from 1PM to 2:30PM.  Contact Patrick ( or Paul (

– Tom also needs all climbing gear to be returned so that it can be databased.

– Congrats to Mitch and Katherine who both placed in the SLU Climbing Comp. Patrick and Sonja also both won for bestcostumes.
-Please email Dan the Man ( your best pictures for the Display Boards.- Elections for next year’s officers will be at the next meeting.  Make sure you come to cast your vote.  Those running for a position feel free to prepare a short speech, video, etc

-If you are looking for Service Hours contact Paul ( and help him Sharpen Ice Tools.


Adam’s “Spooky Summit Challenge” and his hike of Rocky Peak Ridge which wrapped up his 46ers. Last time you’ll ever see him here as he is done hiking now


                  Hiking,  Azure Mtn,  Dylan ( will be leading a short and easy full moon night hike up Azure Mtn tomorrow night.  Contact him by noon
                  Hiking, Dix Range, Dan ( will be leading an advanced hike in the Dix Range that will get him 5 new high peak. If he gets another driver more                                                 people can go
Climbing, Azure Mtn, Tom ( will be going on an exploratory climbing adventure at Azure Mtn.  Contact him if you’re interestedHiking, St. and Nye Mts, Kyle ( is going to try his luck at St. and Nye and try not to get lost.  Contact him to orient yourself towards a great                                                         time
Skiing, Whiteface, Colin ( is going to Whiteface to find some snow and ski on it.  Contact him for more info
Hiking, MacIntyre Range, Dylan ( will be leading a moderate hike over the MacIntrye Range. Contact him to go

Hiking, St and Nye, Kyle Tobin will also try his luck at the infamously difficult Street and Nye Mtns.  This trip is closed but as long he doesn’t get lost you can hear                                                 about it at next weeks meeting
Fishing, Boathouse, Ethan ( will be doing an intro to fishing lesson at the boathouse sometime next week.  Contact him for a date
Mtn Biking, ROTC Trails, Ryan ( will be biking on the trails behind the ADK Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. Join him for a great rideScootering, Campus, Matt ( will be leading an intro to ripping the s*** out of scooters all day everyday.  Stop by Thomas 3 for a lesson

Well that’s all for this week!
Get out there and don’t forget your map and compass!
DON’T GET DEAD! (or lost)


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