Meeting Minutes February 4, 2015



Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the February 4th CUOC meeting.

CUOC Announcements

If Anybody Makes Late Orders Regarding Day-packs, Verify Order Limits Directly, ExceptMaybe Orders Regarding Tents.

Formal is Friday night, if you haven’t already reserved your spot we apologize but you may not attend.

Winterfest is Saturday. If you haven’t gotten the message from the last few emails, It’s kind of a big deal. Games include, but are not limited to, Snowball Dodgeball, Uphill Ski Race, Tennis Ball in a Snow Pile, Sled racing, Tug of War, and a Snowman Building Contest. Plus there will be a Big Air jump contest, awesome food, a bonfire, and all your friends from Clarkson because everyone is going. Please bring a helmet if you plan on doing the Big Air contest, and no inverted aerials.( ).

Anyone with interest in the CABIN floor next year may email Adam Graham ( to express their interest.

There will not be a CUOC meeting next week.

Trips Of The Week

Jared and James’ Swagtastic Trip to Giant. Just two Bros taking on the great challenges of winter hiking, such as not being able to drink your mocha at the top because your hands would get frostbite.

Trips Going Out

Dave Desmond ( wants to go have a fun time on Sunday. If you’re free and want to join him, let him know.

Dylan Gilgallon ( will be XC Skiing from the ADK lodge on Friday at 3 PM. If you would like to join him, let him know. This will be a CABIN sponsored event so you know it’s gonna be a good time.


Per usual, please return any snow shoes and micro spikes that you have.

Both the Hiking Gear and Ski cage will be open from 3 PM to 4 PM on Friday.


If anyone sees Cassie Wells, be sure to reminder that she’s cute and good at physics.

That’s all for this week. If you’re still confused about that first line then you evidently weren’t at the meeting or paying attention if you were.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve recently moved back to Potsdam and want to get together with like minded outdoorsy people. Is this an appropriate venue given I am no longer a student? Any suggestions are very welcome.

    1. xcuocx says:

      Yes ma’am indeed!!! Please reach out to for more information

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