Meeting Minutes February 25, 2015


Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the February 25th CUOC meeting.

CUOC Announcements

Dave is committing to the club that he will always be in attendance for the meetings.

February 26th, 8PM Cheel Classroom 113. Join NOLS Marketing Director, Bruce Palmer, and NOLS Northeast Manager, Lindsay Yost, for an evening with NOLS, “The Leader in Outdoor Education.” Learn more about course offerings around the world, employment and internship opportunities, and local Adirondack courses. NOLS has provided life-changing experiences for almost 50 years, come learn more about our vast array of programs offered. NOLS Northeast has been based at the VIC in Paul Smiths for the past 4 years. Following the presentation there will be an info session about a NOLS course that will be offered this summer through Clarkson University in the Adirondacks. All are welcome to come to this meeting and apply for Clarkson’s first NOLS course.

If you wish to apply for the NOLS course through Clarkson this summer, email Dave Desmond ( for the application that’s due by midnight on March 4th.

Winterfest Shirts (S and L sizes) for $5 and CUOC hats for $10 are still available if you talk to Adam Graham(

Nominations for a second media chair are for Nicole Zaino, Cassie Wells, and Will Callanan. Please have a short speech/presentation prepared for we vote.

Trips Of The Week

Mark Zibinski’s totally thrilling ice climbing at Azure. The group used their Clarkson ingenuity to take the first not boring picture of ice climbing in world history.

Paul Doerner and his expert friends climbed The Cascade. They proved just how experienced some of CUOC’s membersare, and what great feats you too can accomplish with practice.

Trips Going Out

Jared Curtis ( will be hiking Phelps on Saturday, let him know if you’re interested.

Katherine Furland ( and a group will be hiking Wright and skiing down. If you have your own gear and a ride, let her know.

Miles Miller ( will be ice climbing at Azure on Saturday. If you can get your own ride there let him know and your more than welcome to come.

Dan Allen ( will be putting in a full day of XC skiing at Mt. Van Hovenburg on Saturday, let him know if you’re interested.


As always, be sure to return your rented gear ASAP.

The hiking gear cage will be open Friday from 3-4 PM.

The ski gear cage will be open Friday from 3-4 PM.

Yet another short and sweet CUOC meeting. The weather is slowly (very slowly) getting better day by day so I hope to see more and more people braving the trip to the lodge for meetings in weeks to come. Get outside, see the world, adventure, and represent the BEST club at Clarkson.



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