Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2015


Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the March 11th CUOC meeting.

CUOC Announcements

First and foremost, get connected with CUOC. Follow us on instagram at cu_outingcluband email your trip pictures to

Winterfest Shirts $5. “The Outing Club” Shirts $5. Outing Club Hats $10. You thought thesale was over! You thought the deals were gone! NOPE!!! You can still get all 3 for the super discount price of $20, or buy individually.

There will be no meeting for next week because nobody will be here. Pretty self explanatory.

Trips Of The Week

Katherine Furland and friends went Ice Climbing, Tree Climbing, and Rock Climbing at Azure. It was a splendid time.

Dave Desmond, Andrew Toman, and Patrick Conlon went Ice Skating on Mirror Lake. The warm weather meant that it was super sketchy, but super fun.

Trips Going Out

Adam Haskin (That’s Me!) will be hiking somewhere in Alabama over break, let him know if you’re somewhere in the Huntsville area.

Will Callanan will be hiking in the Finger Lakes region of NY with some old friends over break, let him know if you’re around.

Adam Graham will be going down to Kentucky over break. He may do some rock climbing, but who knows.

Dave Desmond will be doing some homework next weekend, but if you’re back early and want to go on a hike you could probably persuay him to go.


The gear cages will NOT be open on Friday, all gear should be taken out or returned already.

That’s it. A quick meeting per usual. Have a fun safe break, and come back amped up to hit the outdoors before school ends.


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