Meeting Minutes April 22, 2015


Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the April 22nd CUOC Meeting

CUOC Announcements

PLEASE RETURN ANY AND ALL GEAR YOU HAVE!!! IT’S NOT YOURS!!! IT’S OURS!!! The gear cage will be open from 3-4 on Friday to return gear and climbing gear can simply be returned to Thomas 3.

Be sure to follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub and email your pictures

We got mo money, so mo fun and mo gear.

The Mountain Biking chairs would like a days notice if you would like to take out a club bikebefore school ends.

Be sure to give Mark and Kyle at least a days notice if you would like to take out a canoe.Notify them at

The boathouse will be available all summer. Notify Nicole Zaino ( or Dave Joesphs ( for access.

Trips Of The Week

Adam Haskin’s radical rock climbing at SoCO. Video

Dave Desmonds birthday hike up Colden

Evan Bilsbecks rapid ripping adventure.

Trips Going Out

Adam Haskin ( will be rock climbing Keene on Wednesday and Thursday next week. One seat available unless more people drive.

Dave Desmond ( will be hiking Colvin and Blake on Saturday. Let him know if you’re interested.

Dylan Gilgallon ( will be sporadically mountain biking campus the next few days. Let him know if you’re free. He will also be going to Stone Valley or Seven Springs on Saturday. This trip requires more experience but let him know if you want to go.

Adam Graham (518-491-0939) and Andrew Toman (717-825-0338) will be available to hike the Dacks any weekend this summer. Let them know if you want a buddy.

The hiking gear cage will be open from 3-4pm on Friday for returns only.

Patrick Conlon ( will be in the gear cage next week from Wednesday to Friday working on getting Pre-O gear ready. If you want to help him out and get service hours let him know.


Dont think that this is the last time you will here from me. I plan on sending out a summer email next week and then I will still act as secretary all next semester. With that, if you have any comments or concerns about the emails please feel free to let me know. It’s like teacher evaluations except I know who you are when you tell me I’m bad at my job. If you dont’t read that email though, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER and see ya’ll in the fall!



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