Meeting Minutes August 26, 2015


Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the August 26th CUOC meeting.

Welcome To CUOC

CUOC’s goal for this year and every year is to promote and enable the safe and responsible use of the outdoors.

We rent gear (free to members), provide skill instruction, sponsor weekly trips, hold events, and have an abundance of fun.

Be sure to sign up for the club on knightlife, sign a waiver, and pay the $15 dues to become an official club member.

CUOC Announcements

46 Climbs for Suicide Prevention will be held between September 5th and September 13th. CUOC aims to raise $4600. We plan to do a fundraiser in the student center next week so email Dave Desmond ( if you’re available. More info on 46 Climbs see the website…

Canoe Fest will be held on September 19th from 10-2. It will feature a BBQ, games, hammocking, canoeing, prizes, music, tie-dye, and fun. Be there!

Follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub

CUOC has its own mountain bikes. Contact Dylan Gilgallon ( or Matt Dyer ( if you are interested in using them.

Gear Hours

The gear cage will be open from 12:30 to 2:30 on Friday. Stop by to help clean it up and you can receive club service hours.

Paul Doerner ( will be looking for help organizing and cleaning climbing gear next week. Help him out and receive club service hours.

Trips Going Out

Friday at 4:30 the boathouse will be open for people to try kayaking and canoeing. First come first serve.

Troy Bates will be leisurely hammocking by the boathouse starting at 3 on Friday. Stop by and chill out whether you have a hammock or not.

Dylan Gilgallon and Matt Dyer will be mountain biking from the ADK Lodge at 5:30 Thursday. Show up and rip it up.

Adam Graham ( will be hiking Mt. Arab on Sunday. This trip is of similar difficulty to Azure Mountain.

John Sullivan ( will be white water kayaking on Sunday. This will be for returning and experienced members only.

Dan The Man ( will be caving on Saturday. It’s totally legit.

Troy Bates ( will be leading an intro to hiking trip up Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge on Sunday. A decent level of fitness ability should be expected for this trip

Bridgette Bousquet ( will be leading a sunset hike up Azure Mountain on Friday night.

Mike Coelho ( will also be hiking Azure Mountain Friday, but will stay at the top for a while to enjoy some stargazing.

Ethan Hoefler ( will be going out fishing on the Raquette saturday at 10.

Shawn Lowry ( will be hiking Colden and maybe some more peaks on Saturday.

Dan Allen ( will be going to the Adirondack Loj in Lake Placid on Friday night and leaving on Sunday. If you want a ride there for the weekend let him know.

Adam Haskin ( will be conducting an orienteering skills course Friday night at 7pm on Thomas 3. On Saturday, he will be hiking Street and Nye and then bushwhacking back down. Some hiking experience appreciated.

Cassie Wells ( wants to go explore some waterfalls sometime this weekend.

Nicole Zaino ( will be hiking Ampersand on Saturday.

Josh Valentine ( will be hiking Big Slide Friday afternoon.

Miles Miller ( will be leading an intro to rock climbing trip at South Colton on Sunday.

Dan The Man ( will be rock climbing at South Colton Friday afternoon from 10 to 3. Experience necessary.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week to get on some rad new trips and share your experiences.


Freshman Adam, Secretary


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