46 Climbs

Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the September 16th CUOC meeting.

Welcome To CUOC

-Want to receive CUOC emails? Go here

-Want to become a member? Just fill out your waivers (Waiver 1 and Waiver 2), bring $15 to Adam Graham at our next meeting, and register on knightlife.

-Want to become an Active Member for increased benefits? Do all of the previous stuff, plus attend 4 trips and give 3 hours of service.

CUOC Announcements

-There will be a pizza and games night THIS FRIDAY at the CUOC Summit house. The fun will begin at 7:30 and will give everyone the chance to meet and greet fellow club members.

-Canoe Fest will be held THIS SATURDAY from 10-2. It will feature a BBQ, games, hammocking, canoeing, prizes, music, tie-dye, and fun. Be there!

-Andrew Toman (tomanas@clarkson.edu) will be in need of help Friday afternoon getting groceries for canoefest. Help him out and you can receive club service hours towards active membership.

-New policy: You do not need to present your trip pictures to get gas reimbursed. Choosing to present will only allow you to win trip of the week (bragging rights). Try and keep presentations shorter nonetheless.

-Congratulations to Brooklin Cohen, Alex White, David Josephs, and Jake Brown for becoming active club members.

-46 Climbs was a huge success. We were able to put a member on all 46 High Peaks and raise $4,892 for suicide prevention. Awesome work!

-Follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub and don’t forget the tags #dontgetdead #cuoc #freshmanadamisthebestsecretaryever

-Stickers are here and up for sale!!! get the 3 different ones individually for $1 a piece, or all 3 for $2. Only available during meetings.

-White water roll sessions will be tuesdays and thursdays from 5:30 to 7 at the boathouse. This is absolutely necessary if you plan on going white water kayaking with club.

Gear Hours

-The gear cage will be open from 12:30 to 2:30 on Friday. Stop by to help clean up and you can receive service hours.

Trips Going Out: Open to all unless noted otherwise

-Troy Bates (batest@clarkson.edu) Will begin hammocking by the boathouse at 3pm on Friday and start the weekly canoing session at 5pm. Things will try to get wrapped up by 7pm so that people can go to the Pizza and Games party.

-Dylan Gilgaon (gilgaldt@clarkson.edu) will be headed to Stone Valley for mt. biking at 1pm Friday, and will be back for an on campus session at 5:15pm.

-Evan Bilsback (bilsbaer@clarkson.edu) will be hiking the Trap Dike on Sunday. This is a 13 mile round trip.

-Ethan Hoefler (hoefleem@clarkson.edu) will be fishing on the Raquette Friday at 4pm. You need a fishing license for this but contact Ethan for a cheap way to acquire one.

-Adam Graham (grahamac@clarkson.edu) will be hiking the Bennies Root Canal on Sunday. This will be a 10 mile round trip.

-Mitch Frechette (frechemf@clarkson.edu) will be bouldering at Glenmeal on Friday starting at 3pm.

-Dan The Man (jaremcd@clarkson.edu) will be exploring a new cave (TBD) on Sunday. Space is very limited due to popular demand.

Mike Valleau (valleama@clarkson.edu) will be running (literally) up Whiteface on Sunday.

Lauren Carter (carterle@clarkson.edu) will be going on a sub 10 mile hike somewhere on Sunday.

Kolby Ziemendorf (ziemenkt@clarkson.edu) will be trail running around campus on Saturday

Josh Raboin (raboinja@clarkson.edu) will be hiking the Macintyre range on Sunday.

Dave Desmond (desmondp@clarkson.edu) will be backpacking the Pemigawasett Wilderness Loop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire over fall break. This will be a 3 day adventure for moderately experienced backpackers and there are some spots open.

That’s all for this week. 4 CUOC meetings down, and still a whole year of rad adventure to go.



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