Meeting Minutes 30 September 2015

Kingdom Trails MTN Biking

Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the September 30th CUOC meeting.

Welcome To CUOC

-Want to receive CUOC emails? Go here

-Want to become a member? Just fill out your waivers (Waiver 1 and Waiver 2), bring $15 to Adam Graham at our next meeting, and register on knightlife.

-Want to become an Active Member for increased benefits? Do all of the previous stuff, plus attend 4 trips and give 3 hours of service.

CUOC Announcements

-Be RESPECTFUL when climbing at St Lawrence. It is a generous allowance that we may go there and we do not want to lose the privilege. Keep your groups very small, don’t argue with the staff, don’t climb above other people, and leave things the way you found them. Go to SUNY Potsdam when possible as we actually pay to use their facility and it is closer.

-The weather is getting cold and rainy. Be sure to pack warm clothes on your adventures, and be careful when canoeing.

-Patches are here!

-Follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub and don’t forget the tags #dontgetdead #cuoc #freshmanadamisthebestsecretaryever

-Stickers are here and up for sale!!! get the 3 different ones individually for $1 a piece, or all 3 for $2. Only available during meetings.

-John Sullivan ( is putting together Fall Lake George for October 2nd through 4th. Email him if you are interested asap.

-There is a possibility we will be able to hold Avalanche Safety Certification courses this winter. This will cost around $200 per person. Contact Katherine Furland ( if you are interested.

-Dave Desmond ( will be holding a late fall hiking tips and tricks seminar at the CUOC house on Friday. Keep an eye on the facebook page for more details.

-Dan The Man ( will be holding an intro to backcountry cooking course from 1:00 to 3:00 on Friday. Let him know if you would like to attend so he can prepare accordingly.

-There will be a movie night at the CUOC house at 7:30 this Friday.

Gear Hours

-The gear cage will be open from 1:00 to 3:00 on Friday. Please return gear that you don’t still need.

-Contact Paul Doerner ( will be happy to give out climbing gear (for going to SLU and State) with ample notice.

Trips Going Out: Open to all unless noted otherwise

-Norah Schlax (  will be hiking up Azure Friday afternoon for the sunset.

-Kyle Stone ( will be fishing by the boathouse at 10am on Sunday.

-Dan The Man ( will be hiking Whiteface and Ester for Mark Zibinski’s 20th birthday on Saturday.

-Dan The Man ( is willing to go caving on Sunday if there is interst.

-Dave Desmond ( will be hiking St. Regis (a Saranac Sixer) on Saturday with the intent of jumping in puddles and getting muddy.

-Jared Curtis ( will be watching a meteor shower on either Tuesday or Wednesday night.

-Dave Josephs ( will be hiking on the Macintyre Range on Sunday.

-Jake Erdman ( will be hiking Sawteeth on Saturday.

-Ben Thompson ( will be hiking Blake, Colvin, Dial, and Nippletop on Saturday.

-Remington Little ( will be hiking Big Slide on Saturday.

-Jim Elmer ( will be backcountry fishing on Sunday.

-Adam Graham ( will be hiking the Trap Dike on Saturday if it is not raining.

-Adam Graham ( will be hiking “something” on Sunday. Let him know if you would like to hike “something” too.

-Miles Miller ( will take you rock climbing, if you take him there (he needs a ride).

-Dylan Gilgalon ( will be leading a group Mt. Bike ride at 5:15 on Friday from the CUOC house, and then a trip at 7pm to Seven Springs.

-Shawn Lowry ( will be hiking somewhere in the high peaks on Saturday.

That’s all for this week. 5 CUOC meetings down, and still a whole year of rad adventure to go.



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