Meeting Minutes October 7, 2015

Whiteface and Esther

Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the October 7th 30th CUOC meeting.

CUOC Announcements

-Follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub and don’t forget the tags #dontgetdead #cuoc #freshmanadamisthebestsecretaryever

-Stickers are here and up for sale!!! get the 3 different ones individually for $1 a piece, or all 3 for $2. Only available during meetings.

-Congratulations to Peter Mallory, CUOC’s newest 46’er.

-If you still plan to order a Patagonia sweater, bring your $60 to Paul Doerner ( by Friday. Also let him know if you are interested in getting a Patagonia moisture wicking shirt for $20.

-Email Dave Desmond ( with your detailed service hours and attended trips to become an active member.

-Tony Tuesday is coming soon on October 20th. Get your suits ready to take an awesome picture and win some money for CUOC.

-For parents weekend on October 24th, we will have an easy hike up Azure in the morning and a picnic in the afternoon. Show your parents why CUOC is so fun.

– We will be doing trail work Sunday the 18th from 9 to 12. Our aim is to put up more trail markers, and re-route some trails.

-There will be an open house activities fair this Saturday from 10:45 -1:15 in the IRC. Remember those crazy CUOC people you met when you toured? Now’s your chance to influence next years freshman class!

-Dan The Man ( needs help putting up a CUOC board to show off our club to campus. If you want to help him and get some service hours let him know.

Gear Hours

-The gear cage will be open from 12:30 to 2:00 on Friday. Please return gear that you don’t still need.

-Contact Paul Doerner ( will be happy to give out climbing gear (for going to SLU and State) with ample notice.

Trips Going Out: Open to all unless noted otherwise

-Kevin Gilrein ( is thinking of finding a campsite for spring break for quick access to skiing at Whiteface. Let him know if you would be interested in this plan.

-Josh Valentine ( will be hiking somewhere this weekend and has 3 spots left.

-Dan The Man ( will be hiking Friday, caving Saturday, and climbing Sunday. Damn he’s good.

-There will be a group mt. biking ride to seven springs leaving at 5:30 from the CUOC house  Thursday (that’s tonight). Contact Dylan Gilgalon (

-Fletcher Dix ( will be camping the weekend at Higley Flow.

-Norah Schlax ( will be hiking Saturday leaving at 4am and has one spot left.

-Josh Raboin ( will be hiking somewhere this weekend.

-Adam Graham ( will be hiking a Saranac Sixer on Saturday and rock climbing on Sunday.

-Jared Curtis ( will be hiking Seymour.

-Ben Thompson ( will be hiking Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant.

-Jake Brown ( will be rock climbing at Pitchoff.

-Miles Miller ( will be rock climbing in Keene Saturday, camping the night after seeing Reel Rock 10, and climbing on Sunday.

-Andrew Toman ( will be representing at the activities fair Saturday and then going to Keene for the Reel Rock 10 screening.

-Adam Haskin ( will be doing an easy hike Cascade Mountain Saturday for some fall foliage and hot cocoa. Leaving around 7:30 am.

That’s all for this week. 7 CUOC meetings down, and still a whole year of rad adventure to go.



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