Meeting Minutes November 4, 2015

Hello Fellow CUOC’ers

Here’s the information from the November 4th CUOC meeting.

CUOC Announcements

-We need your help!!! Here is the link for a survey we have put together to recap the fall semester and help us improve. We want your input on CUOC and will value any opinions expressed throughout the survey. Know that it is completely anonymous so feel free to speak your mind and be honest.

-CUOC will now be participating in the Terracycle campaign to help reduce waist from energy bar wrappers. If you eat any degree of bar in an aluminum wrapper, bring to our meetings to collect and help CUOC help the world! Read up here!

-Follow CUOC on instagram at cu_outingclub and don’t forget the tags #dontgetdead #cuoc #freshmanadamisthebestsecretaryever

-Stickers are here and up for sale!!! get the 3 different ones individually for $1 a piece, or all 3 for $2. Only available during meetings.

-Congratulations to our rock climbers at last week’s climbing competition at St. Lawrence. Casey Radomski received 3rd place women’s, Grace Hopkins received 1st place womens, Mitch Frechette received 2nd place mens, and Miles Miller received 1st place mens.

-Congratulations to our new Active Members: John Brunner and Peter Mallery.

-Trip of the week goes to Miles Miller and the big cheeked chipmunk he saw while rock climbing at SoCo.

-Elections for Executive Board members will take place on November 11th, and the elections for chair positions will be on November 18th.

-Nicole Zaino will be collecting pictures to put up on boards around campus. Send your favorites to so she can get them up.

-In order to be an officer, you must pay your dues. In order to become an active member, you must pay your dues.

Gear Hours

-The gear cage will be open from 12:30 to 2:30 on Friday. Please return gear that you don’t still need. (MICROSPIKES)

-Contact Paul Doerner ( or Miles Miller ( and they will be happy to give out climbing gear (for going to SLU and State) with ample notice. Please return any gear that you are not actively using.

Trips Going Out: Open to all unless noted otherwise

-Adam Graham ( will be hiking or running Mt Arab on Saturday depending on interest.

-Dan The Man ( will be caving on Saturday and hiking on Sunday.

-Ben Thompson ( will be hiking the lower great range on Sunday. #0for3???

-Miles Miller ( will be rock climbing at Owls Head on Saturday.

-Jared Curtis ( will be hiking Whiteface and Esther on Saturday.

-Wil Callanan ( will be white water kayaking at Stone Valley on Saturday.

-Dylan Gilgallon ( will be mountain biking at Lennys Loop Saturday and leading a group ride on campus next wednesday.

-Katie Kohler ( will be hiking a High Peak on Saturday.

-Andrew Toman ( will hike either Azure or Mt. Arab on Sunday.

That’s all for this week. 11 CUOC meetings down, and still a whole year of rad adventure to go. If you’re dead, you can’t get rad. Soooo you know what to do.


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