Destinations & Directions

Though the Adirondack Park and surrounding areas have a great deal to offer, we can’t help having a few CUOC favorites.

On Campus Destinations:

Clarkson’s Adirondack (ADK) Lodge: The Adirondack Lodge houses CUOC meetings every Wednesday at 8 pm. The CUOC gear cage is also in the basement of The Lodge.

CUOC’s Boat House: The Boat House is located just behind the Riverside Apartments on the Munter Trails which run along the Raquette River. To rent a canoe or kayak, just contact one of our canoe chairs and they will be glad to help you.

Clarkson Trail Network:  If you’re looking for a quick walk through the woods during the day, you need not look further than Clarkson’s own Trail Network. The trails start at the ADK Lodge, and traverse a large portion of the woods behind the campus. The trails are also open in the winter for cross country skiing! For more information and a trail map, click here.

Off Campus Destinations:

Adirondack LOJ: The Adirondack LOJ is located a few miles from Lake Placed and is the home of many of the High Peak’s trail heads. CUOC takes trips heading out from the LOJ on a regular basis.

Azure Mountain: Only a 30 minute drive away from campus, this is the closest mountain to Clakson. Azure is a relatively small mountains and a fairly short hike, 1 mile each way (roughly an hour to the top). Despite its small size, it is a truly beautiful place with commanding views of the entire region. Possible activities at Azure Mountain include: ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, star gazing, and much more!

McKenzie Pond: This is a superb bouldering area in between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid – travel time is roughly 1.5 hours. McKenzie Pond offers difficult climbing on sharp Adirondack granite, a crashpad is strongly recommended.

Mt. Arab: Comparable to Azure Mountain in both difficulty and distance from Clarkson, Mt. Arab is only about 45 minutes away from Clarkson. The trail has an average 18% incline and it is only about a mile to the summit. This short hike is very rewarding with a fire tower and cabin waiting at the top.

Seven Springs: Actually Clarkson property and a mere 15 minute drive away, Seven Springs has great Mountain Biking, Skiing, Sledding, X-C Skiing, Camping, Fishing, and is generally good for raising hell. Believe it or not, Clarkson used to operate a ski hill here complete with a rope tow, a lodge, and night skiing. Unfortunately, that’s all gone now, but it is still great fun! Clarkson only owns the land you can see from the pond, but there are many great trails leading back onto public land from the top of the hill and farther down the road.

Stone Valley: About a 10 or 15 minute drive away, it is well worth the quick ride. Stone Valley has a superb and rugged trail along a whitewater section (class V, IV, III, II) of the Racquet River. This area is great for whitewater kayaking, trail running, mountain biking, and hiking.

Snow Bowl: Directly off Route 56, Snow Bowl is a forest preserve with a small area to hike and ski. In the winter, it affords two trails: one with a very moderate pitch and the other, much steeper. At a 15 minutes drive from Clarkson, it is a great day trip destination for backcountry skiers.


Clarkson’s Adirondack (ADK) Lodge:

 Coordinates: N44° 39.650′ W75° 0.143′

From the Freshman Quad:
    • Walk towards the Student Center
    • Walk between the Student Center and CAMP (Large brick building with green roof)
    • Cross the street to the gray Townhouses
    • Walk down the middle of the Townhouses
    • There will be a gravel path on the left at the end of the Townhouses
    • Follow the path to the Adirondack Lodge   

CUOC’s Boat House:

Coordinates: N44° 39.702′ W74° 59.466′

NOTE: The Canoe House is located near Riverside Apartments. There are essentially two ways to reach it.

From the center of campus (Moore House, Graham Hall, Price Hall):

    • Go past the Science Center and Snell parking lot
    • Follow the road past the four-way stop and cross the street
    • Walk past the buildings there (Riverside) and cross the field. (There is a dirt r oad with a gate on the right-hand side.)
    • Follow the road as it dips down and curves right.
    • The brown building you see in front of you is the Canoe House.

From Hamlin-Powers:

    • Cross the front lawn to the street and turn right
    • Go past the athletic field to your left and cross the road at the gravel driveway
    • Go down the driveway. This takes you down in front of Riverside
    • Walk the length of the parking lot there, and you will see the field (mentioned in the first set of directions) off to your left
    • There is a dirt road that curves around the left edge of the field
    • Follow it and it will lead you to the Canoe House

Adirondack LOJ (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 10.943′ W73° 57.859′

    • Take rt. 11B north out of Potsdam
    • After about 15 min. turn right onto 458
    • Follow 458 to its end and turn right onto rt. 30 (the shortcut around St. Regis Falls on 458 is optional)
    • Turn left onto rt. 86 at Paul Smith’s College
    • Follow 86 into Saranac Lake
    • In Saranac Lake, follow signs for rt. 86 east towards Lake Placid
    • Turn slightly right onto CR-35, follow the signs for ski jump
    • Merge onto rt. 73, the ski jumps will be to your right
    • After a few miles you will pass all the Olympic activity centers
    • There will be a road on your right marked with a trail head sign
    • Turn right here and follow the road till it’s end
    • The Adirondak LOJ will be right in front of you

Azure Mountain (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 32.467′ W74° 29.980′

    • Head East on Elm Street and onto 11B
    • As you get to Nicholville, take a right onto 458
    • After roughly 10 miles, 458 turns sharply left, and Waite Rd. goes straight
    • Take Waite Rd., until it joins back with 458
    • Head South for 2 more miles, Blue Mtn. Road veers off to the right
    • Take Blue Mtn. Rd, this road quickly turns to dirt and continues for several miles
    • A brown and yellow sign for Azure Mtn. will be on your right hand side
    • You can pull in here to park. The trail is obvious, and you should ask at a meeting for directions to climbing spots. Be sure to sign in at the trailhead!

McKenzie Pond (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 19.628′ W74° 5.621′

NOTE: These directions are nearly identical to the directions to Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain
    • Take rt. 11B north out of Potsdam
    • After about 15 min. turn right onto 458
    • Follow 458 to its end and turn right onto rt. 30 (the shortcut around St. Regis Falls on 458 is optional)
    • Turn left onto rt. 86 at Paul Smith’s College
    • Follow 86 into Saranac Lake
    • In Saranac Lake, follow signs for rt. 86 east towards Lake Placid
    • Directly off of 86 on the left hand side in a small dip in the road is Mckenzie Pond Rd. – if you come to the State Police headquarters on the left, you have gone slightly too far
    • Turn left onto this, and pull to the right side of the road in a small sand shoulder roughly 1 mile after the turn, the trails to the boulders are directly off the right side of the road (also see for more information and directions)

Mt. Arab (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 12.242′ W74° 35.096′

    • Head south on rt 56, or take back rd to 56
    • Turn left onto rt 3 and go about 10 miles
    • follow signs for mt arab, take right onto cr 75, and then another right onto 62
    • drive about 1.5 miles you will see a sign telling you to go left, do it
    • proceed about .85 miles and the parking lot will be on the right
    • Park here, the trailhead is across the street     

Seven Springs (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 34.772′ W74° 51.656′

    • Head south from downtown on 56 (don’t take the back Hannawa Road!)
    • Turn left onto route 72
    • At Parishville Center, turn right onto Ashton Road
    • Keep left at the fork
    • At the stop sign, take a right onto the highway, not the dirt turnpike
    • Go one mile and take a left onto Rodwell Mill Road
    • At the end, take a right, then a quick left onto Crowley Road
    • Go another mile to 7 Springs.

Stone Valley (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 35.222′ W74° 57.412′

Note: There are two different ways to access the Stone Valley trail one off rt. 24, and the other in South Colton
    • Head South on either 56, or the back Hannawa rd. and go past Hannawa onto 56
    • Take a left onto County Road 24.
    • Before the bridge, turn right into the power plant
    • Park here.
    • Take the double-track road south
    • Soon a trail goes to the left at a register – take this for hiking or biking, or
    • Keep going down the double-track and turn left later
    • You can bike all the way to the Southern end
    • In South Colton cross over to the other side onto Lenny Road
    • Take a right onto a single-track.
    • This connects to the northern end of the bridge at rt 24
*Other Activities
    • For kayaking access and fun dirt roads, stay on 24 and cross the bridge. Take a right onto Lenny Road, which has a few right hand turns which access the river. There is an “upper” and “lower” Stone Valley, so talk to the Kayaking Chairs for info on kayaking and tubing. The water levels are dam-controlled and tend to be erratic, although typically high in the spring
    • To jump off the bridge look for the feet painted on the north side of the bridge.
    • If you just want to chill out in the sun and swim a bit, go to South Colton, cross over the river and turn left down the Fire Station Road. Past this is a parking lot with trails leading downstream to some nice spots.

Snow Bowl (Google Map):

Coordinates: N44° 29.438′ W74° 52.083′

    • Take the back road to Hannawa Falls
    • Turn right onto rt. 56
    • follow 56 until immediately past the sharp turn
    • Snow Bowl is visible to the right, and a parking lot is adjacent to 56 (look for the Snow Bowl sign)
    • Park here and walk directly into the skiing

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