General Questions

Q: Should I come to Clarkson solely because of the Outing Club?

A: Yes, it’s the Outing Club.

Q: Isn’t fifty-some-odd thousand dollars a year a lot to pay just to be in a club?

A: No, not if it’s the Outing Club.

Q: Isn’t the North Country of New York really boring?

A: Not when you’re in Outing Club.

Q: Who do I complain to about the site?

A: You would complain to the public relations chair if you had complaints, but this site owns you . . . so you should not have any.

Q: Why doesn’t this page read “The Frequently Asked Questions page is still a twinkle in Wiess’s eye!” anymore?

A: My eye twinkled, and I said, “Let there be FAQ,” and there was much rejoicing.

Q: Doesn’t Clarkson also have an Outdoor Recreation program?

A: Yes, but CUOC has over two hundred members while OR has none. Ergo, CUOC is infinitely better than OR.

Q: Should I check the site more then once a day?

A: You should check this site more than once an hour.

Q: Why aren’t there more activities listed on your site?

A: Due to legal complications we had to do away with dwarf toss.

Q: Who are all the hardcore people in the photographs on your site?

A: We laboriously crafted life-size figurines in order to pose them more effectively. Any similarity to actual club members is strictly coincidental.

Q: What happens if I lose a piece of CUOC gear.

A: We harvest your organs, sell them on the black market, and buy new gear.

Q: What if I have no time for CUOC since I have too much work?

A: You have the rest of your life to work. You only have four years of CUOC.

Q: What if I just want to meet cute girls (or boys)?

A: Join Outing Club of course.


Trip of the Week Gas Policy

Q: How do I win Trip of the Week?

A: Eligible trips must be announced at the weekly meeting and posted on KnightLife prior to the trip. Trip of the week will be voted for at the weekly meeting.

Q: What do I get if I win Trip of the Week?

A: Trip of the week gets their gas paid for: up to $40 per car, or $50 per trip if more than two cars were used. Bragging rights may also be put to use.


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