Officers & Chairs

Clarkson University Outing Club (CUOC) is lead by a group of dedicated Officers & Chairs. At the beginning of each spring semester, the club votes on who will be part of this group.


Presidents: Adam Haskin

Vice President: Mark

Treasurer: Mike

Secretary: Nolan Huther


CUOC Chairs are in charge of leading trips, managing gear, and updating our publics.

Gear Chairs: Tanner, Brian Chrzan

Contact our gear chairs to borrow equipment for your adventures: packs, tents, microspikes – anything you need, we’ve got it.

Media Chairs: Nick, Nicole Zaino

If you have any feedback for CUOC’s on campus presence, website, or other online media let our Public Relations Chairs know. Email:

Webmaster: Tyler Miller

Canoe Chairs: Nicole Zino, Owen Curry

Residing along the Raquette River, the Boat House has flatwater canoes and kayaks that can be borrowed. Contact our canoe chairs for quick and easy access to the natural beauty Potsdam has to offer.

Caving Chairs: Daniel Jaremczuk, Lindsey Carr

Climbing Chairs: Daniel Jaremczuk, Nolan Huther

Kayak Chairs: Andrew Snead

Ski Chairs:  Cole, Shane

Fishing Chairs: Remmington Little, Ethan Hoefler

Mountain Biking: Vince, Charlie


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